Selling Your Home Yourself – Quickly Hide Any Evidence of the Kids Before Anyone Notices!

It’s often said that when you are selling your home yourself, you need to get into the mind of prospective buyers. Unfortunately, no matter how wonderful they are to you, your kids could actually hamper or even lose you a sale! Often parent’s will lose control of what goes on in their kid’s bedrooms, so when selling your home yourself it’s time to reassert yourself!

Encourage your children to keep their rooms neat and tidy and try and explain the importance of this to you and what it means for THEM! Personally, i would give them approval to redecorate their room. This gives you the opportunity to actually clear all the rubbish out and have things the way you want them.

If your property is a large family home, buyers will expect to find children’s bedrooms. However, if your house is a smaller property, you may find that a different type of buyer is attracted to your home. Smaller houses are favoured by young professionals or perhaps an elderly couple considering retirement. If this is the case, when selling your home yourself, i would advice turning the kid’s room back into a „spare“ adult bedroom.

It’s also a good idea that you remove the superman and barbie duvet covers, before a potential buyer visits and replace them with something more neutral. If you have bunk beds, take them apart and make it look like a single bed. Even though your kids are your pride and joy, a buyer may not have the same feelings towards your children. So remember when selling your home yourself, get into that buyer’s mind!

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Source by Sam Renstaff

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