Real Estate Sales Safety Tips You Don’t Want to Sell Without

Do you sell real estate? Have you ever stopped to think who it is you are placing into your car, or meeting at a property? There are unique dangers you face on a daily basis. I will bet that often times you work alone and meet your prospective buyers at a residential or commercial location to show off the listing. With just a few dollars and some time to prepare yourself you can greatly enhance your personal safety.

It is not above the criminal mind to lure a real estate sales person to a location for the sole purpose of committing a personal attack against them. Remember we teach our children to be wary of strangers yet you as a sales person think nothing about meeting someone by yourself with little or no means of protection. If fact I will go so far as to say that this is without a doubt the highest risk part of your job.

Much of this danger can be reduced greatly if you follow some simple and basic steps. First, make it a habit to meet your clients in your office. Use this as a get acquainted period where you can obtain proper identification from them. A copy of a driver’s license or other official ID should be left in a conspicuous place in your office. It should be MANDATORY that you take ID from everyone you plan on showing a property to. This way should something terrible happen to you there will be a starting point for law enforcement. As a police officer, I used this technique by writing down the license number of every car I stopped before I approached. Again it is after the fact but if something was to go wrong the license plate or ID would be a place to begin. I have taken many reports of assault or other crimes where the victim let their guard down because the person who assaulted them „looked so nice“ In many cases you can’t tell who is planning to hurt you, so you need to be proactive.

The practice of driving potential buyers to a location is thankfully going away. Many of the larger real estate offices actually prohibit it, and for good reason. If your employer has put this policy in effect DO NOT Violate it. Once you place yourself in a car with a stranger there is no telling what they may do. You have absolutely no control of the situation once you let them in your vehicle. It is far better to lose a sale then lose your life.

When you arrive at the property you are showing do a cursory look around before you get out of your car. Are there strange or unknown vehicles at the location? Is anyone standing around that looks as if they don’t fit the neighborhood? Don’t get out of your car until you feel it is safe. When you meet up with the buyers casually mention that another agent is meeting you at the property. If they were planning to assault or rob you this may just make them think twice. Always try and know the layout of a home or business you are showing and keep the potential customers in front of you. Not only can you watch what they do but it will also keep you from getting blocked into a corner or room without an exit.

Always keep your cell phone on and in an easily reachable pocket or on your belt. Make sure you have 911 programmed to a speed dial key so you can dial it with a single key press. Even if you can’t speak the connection to a 911 center will remain open and in many cases your location can be determined within very close range. If you find yourself in a bad situation and have activated a call to 911 try and find a way to announce your location and other details about what is happening to you.

I recommend that any real estate person showing a property also carry a canister of pepper spray. There are many different types of personal defense sprays out there. Many cost less than $10.00 so for a minimal investment you can provide yourself with a device that will most definitely give you peace of mind and the all important edge should you find yourself in a bad situation while out showing a property.

All too often a real estate agent is focused on making that all important sale. They forget that their job comes with some inherent dangers that place them in a category few other jobs do. Why risk your health and safety over a sale? Protect yourself first then make that sale. Pepper spray or even a personal alarm is a great way to be able to remain safe and complete the sales process without suffering great harm.

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Source by Chris Bruno

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