Real Estate Properties in Astrology

Real estate property is an immovable property refers to land, fixture and appurtenances or anything permanent in nature like structures, tress, minerals, and the interest, benefits, and inherent rights.

Generally real estate properties include

  • Vacant land

Farm and ranch

  • Residential properties

   Different types of homes, including condominiums, separate homes, duplexes, high value homes, vacations homes, etc.

  • Commercial properties

Commercial property can be empty land zoned for commercial use, or an existing business building or buildings.

Factors responsible for having real estate properties

  • 4th house/lord: represents home and property related matters.
  • Mars and Saturn: are main significator planets of property and home related matters.
  • Venus: represents luxuries and valuable things.  

 Different combination for having real estate properties

  • Lord of 4th house is in exaltation/own sign/friendly sign/associated or aspected by benefice, indicates the surplus real estate property of the native.
  • Lord of 4th posited in 10th and 10th lord is posited in 4th house, aspected by Mars or having a strong Mars in the horoscope denotes surplus real estate property.
  • Lord of 4th is posited in 4th house and aspected by a benefice indicates the native will have surplus of land and excess of houses, which will fill his life with joy and happiness.
  • Lords of 4th and 9th placed in 11th and aspected by benefice, native will be the owner of lands and many houses.
  • Lord of 4th and Jupiter placed together in quadrant indicate excess of land and houses.
  • Sign of house/Lord of 4th is of moveable nature indicates the native will have multiple real estate properties in many places.
  • Lord of 4th posited in 2nd/11th indicates the native will get excess of land property.
  • Lords of ascendant, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 12th are with the lord of 5th indicates the native will have high quality mine land. 
  • Lord of ascendant is placed in 2nd, and lord of 2nd is placed in 11th and the lord of 11th is posited in ascendant, indicates the ownership of mining property.
  • Lords of 4th and11th exchange their houses; the native will get unexpected property.
  • Lord of 4th and 9th posited in 11th house and lord of 2nd placed in 10th house; indicate the sudden gain of real estate properties.

Denial of real estate property in horoscope

  • Lord of 4th is debilited/set/inimical placed/associated or aspected with malefic/hammed between malefic planets, indicate absence or loss of real estate properties.
  • Mars is debilited/set/inimically placed/associated or aspected by malefic, indicates absence of real estate property.




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Real Estate Agent

A real estate broker or an agent is a person who act on behalf of the buyer and the seller i.e. customer and the supplier. Real estate agent is otherwise called as „sales person“. More or less a sales person and the real estate agent are one and the same. They find the buyer and the seller who wish to buy and sell.

They provide you information regarding the property and guidance to assist you while you’re willing to buy and sell the property. We find real estate agent any where around the world to guide us. In America, the relationship of agent or broker has been formed as per English common law to have a cordial relationship with their clients. The term estate agent is used to refer the agent.

What is equity?
The term equity refers to the cash value or a monetary interest given for your house minus the loan you obtained for your house. Even the additional cost incurred for selling a house will also be included. While buying a home you don’t have money for down payment, you can enter an agreement with the seller that you pay in a proper sum. It allows you performing needed repairs and maintenances such as painting, electric work etc

In a real estate agent we have two types of agent: seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent.
Buyer agent: buyer agent is a person who acts on behalf of the buyer who wishes to buy. The agent will find the properties which are listed in the market for sale. The broker will act as per the desire of buyer. The real estate agent will provide information regarding each property in the market and they also guide you in every aspect. They recommend on behalf of the buyer about the terms & prices offered for sale. A real estate agent will help you while negotiating the transaction and guide you in the final process.

Seller’s agent: he is a person who acts as per the desire of the seller. If the seller wants to sell his property, he calls upon the agent to list in the market. The real estate broker will give you details regarding the worth of your property, financing, terms and condition prevailing in the market for your property. Even the brokers list your property to other agents and also to general public. They help you in all aspect to complete your sale.

Do you identify your agent, how?

Analyze properly in the market who is the ideal broker.
Make sure that his listing are brought and sold correctly in the market.
Ask him, how he will list your property in the market.
Ask him to describe, how he identified the true value of your house.

You can ask yourself a variety of queries to identify a proper agent. When you identified, you don’t have to worry how to buy or sell a house.

Brokerage: for completion of his work successfully, a broker or agent get commission or brokerage for the services rendered. The commission percentage will be decided upon the value of the property, he/she arranged for the seller or the buyer. Usually states like America they have a fixed percentage around 5 to 10% Commission for a real estate. Both the seller and the buyer have to pay the commission. They can even transfer among them self. Commission will differ for each country according to their popularity. The expenses incurred by the broker will also be paid by the buyer and the seller.

Thus, real estate is a type of business where three parties involved. Namely seller, buyer and the agent. With the help of this service many are benefited. Real estate agent plays a vital role in developing the economy of the people. They provide useful services for the economy. One wants to sell or buy a property he/she can refer a real agent.

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Real Estate Photography- Grow Business Earnings

The photography which is done on Real Estate Development Company is known as real estate photography. The concept is very much popular in European and western countries/ companies. Because according to the real estate photography the market has to be established! Real estate photography is done in different ways such as in close-ups. The real which is to be marketed has to be identified first. The product is then suited by professional photographer from different angles from which the product is most likely to be a sellable hotcake. Since the real estate is govern by the products which are only shown in hypothetical manner, the real estate has to be marketed accordingly. Since, the real estate is depends upon the projected outcomes, is covered by the photography part. So, a photographer must be analyzer in nature!

The photographer must know what the product will be after its completion of project. So, the photograph and actual product should match. Real estate photography makes a difference that good photos can make in the process of house for sale.

Importance of real estate photography

Digital presentation of real estate photographs is the key to good seller in the property market. In the present property marketplace, real estate photography became the essential tool of property firms! Digital photos are becoming popular and can be readily available in the market. Digital photos make real estate photography more natural and practical. If you want to search real estate photography for your property business, then you can find many online real estate photography professional websites online. By just surfing the internet you can gather some real estate photography tips and hints. For a professional real estate agent, it is must to take well-composed and exposed real estate photographs. By trying true methods of real estate photography you can produce real estate photos without the need of buying expensive tools.

Good online companies offer stunning real estate photography for both interactive and print use as well as three hundred sixty degree Panoramic virtual tour images, video production, multimedia presentations and image management. It is an important for you those great photographic images for marketing your position. Blur photos of real estates are never acceptable. To take better images of your real estates you should choose real estate photography. Over the past few years there are dramatic changes happened with introduction of digital camera has brought to the Real Estate photography industry. With such latest technology, a real estate photography transfer images to a web page on the internet, and flyers printed all within minutes. Nowadays, listings are quickly available to other real estate firms and purchasers worldwide who have access to a computer.

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Real State Myths: The Preston Ely Scam

Preston Ely has become popular in the real estate business in Florida. This young and dynamic maverick in the real estate business has developed trade strategies to profit from real estate with small to almost no risk and small to no cash at all for investment. Preston Ely has established his education firm, the Real Freedom Inc., which provides different courses to teach people how to look for wholesale houses fast amidst the recession and the competitive demands of the housing market. There are some who spreads about the Preston Ely scam campaign. However, there are pointers about Preston Ely’s strategies that could really be worth following.

The Preston Ely scam -is it true?

Let’s take a look into his main product – the Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom in e-book format. A version of this „fool-proof“ real estate strategy guide is called as Learn to Wholesale. Basically, this e-book is a short and no-nonsense e-book guide that provides with a sneak peak of Ely Preston’s strategies to what it seems like to be a genuine real estate trade capital. This e-book summaries the real estate trade process including a step by step plan to really enable you to purchase your dream home within a month with a money back guarantee.

A new course entitle Probates by Preston Ely was so popular and really took real estate industry in gaga. This has been the talk of the real estate business for years since probates are very lucrative yet often taken for granted in looking for inspired real estate agents.
This course guides anyone on how to buy estates and homes using only probates, which are often less reasonable than housing foreclosures since the recipients of the estate could really own the estate.

The Preston Ely scam is just part of the myth. Those who are determined to invest in real estate could follow his strategies that are fool-proof and are backed up with different testimonials and proof from thousands of his clients. The dynamism and energy of Preston Ely comes through with the uniqueness of what he is talking about. Being dynamic is very influential, which is a great asset is for any real estate broker or investor who really needs guidance.

You can further learn more about Preston Ely by browsing through independent consumer reports, which includes negative comments and alleged downsides. Before investing into his products, you should look for varied reviews to understand and have a clear insight about this real estate product.

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Who are operative builders and what do they do?

Unlike general contractors who perform construction work on a for-hire basis for the owner or owners of a development, operative builders are the owners of the structures they build and act as their own general contractors. In addition to construction, operative builders engage in land acquisition, sales, and a variety of other non-construction activities associated with developing and selling properties. Operative building has traditionally accounted for a comparatively small percentage of construction. During the 1990s, operative builders typically employed fewer construction workers than general contractors did and employed a higher proportion of non-construction employees, such as executives, salespeople, administrative staff, and other professional categories, which reflected their wider involvement in site development, property sales, and other activities not performed by general contractors.

Although operative builders were primarily involved in construction, principal industry activities also included subdividing and site development work, real estate management activities, land sales, construction-related activities, and miscellaneous operations. The vast majority (95 percent) of construction performed by industry firms involved the erection of new buildings and service facilities, as well as the installation of equipment like elevators, heating and air conditioning, and plumbing. A small proportion of construction activities involved renovation work, such as additions, alterations, or reconstruction, and maintenance and repair.

An important component of the industry’s non-construction-related activities was the acquisition of land for development or for resale in developed, undeveloped, or partially developed form to purchasers, including other builders. The decision to purchase of a tract of land is based on the evaluation of cost, as well as marketing and demographic studies conducted by the builder or by consultants. Other criteria included financial and legal considerations, governmental approvals and entitlements, environmental factors, the firm’s experience in a particular market, real estate market trends and the general health of the economy. Engle Homes of Florida, for example, primarily purchased land already „improved“ for building construction, land requiring site improvements, and „options“ on improved land allowing the company to buy the site when market demand warranted construction. Firms that can afford to carry the costs of a large undeveloped „land inventory“ may ultimately benefit from having purchased large tracts rather than several small, expensive parcels when it comes time to construct a large master-planned community on the site. It generally takes five years to develop purchased land into master-planned communities or subdivisions, while small, conventional residential projects take two to three years to complete. The purchase of land tracts involves a „contingency period“ while zoning, environmental, and other governmental and infrastructure requirements are met.

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