For Sale by Owner Fact Sheet

 If you are thinking of selling your home by for sale by owner method, you need to consider a home brochure. A brochure of fact sheet will help you to increase the potential of your home as the perfect home so that you can attract more and more interested buyers. Usually a fact sheet is placed outside a home, however, you can post it online to catch interests of buyers who want something suitable for their money’s worth.

Placing a fact sheet will help you to answer curiosity of prospective buyers such as the total area of the house, number of bedrooms it has, special features and such others.

What information you should place on fact sheet?

Using a fact sheet is an important way to get success in for sale by owner method of home selling. Following important information must be included in your fact sheet to make it attractive for buyers:

Total area of the home in square foot

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

Brief information about the dimensions of rooms and kitchen

Names of neighboring schools, hospitals, entertainment facility etc

Contact information

Full address of the home

Pictures of the home

Besides above mentioned details, you can add many more things in your fact sheet like recent remodeling details, inclusion of extra addition and about neighboring area. Anything that can make your home more saleable can be included in fact sheet.

Next comes is the presentation of information in fact sheet. Try to present all information in order and in neat manner. It should not look confusing and messy. Make it easy to read and useful. Include all features of your home so as to increase the value of your home. Always use glittery paper to jot down information and use eye-catching language and writing.

Remember, an attractive presentation is the key to invite potential buyers.

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